Individual and Group training

Transition Sports offers both individual and group training sessions.

Every new player that steps into Transition Sports will be expected to complete our initial assessment so our coaches can get to know and see where we best think we can help and how we can do this. Below in the list of ‘typical’ areas that are covered in an assessment session:

  • 1. Right and left hand dribble and level of comfort in both hands
  • 2. Right and left hand lay-ups and footwork on each side
  • 3. Footwork on jump shots off the catch and shoot off the dribble
  • 4. Shooting technique
  • 5. Defensive footwork
  • 6. Understanding of basketball rules.

Individual sessions are one on ones with a Transition Sports coach. Focussing on both on and off court learnings, these sessions will run for either 30 or 60 minutes. Content for each session will be fully customised for the individuals training and development needs for that moment. From observations and talking to the player, we will identify development areas that are focussed on specific areas that may not get the focus required during typical ‘team’ training sessions.

We also offer small group training sessions. Our players will be placed in a group with players at a similar stage of development. These groups are ideal for players to develop and implement their skills in game like scenarios.