Transition Sports provide support for school run basketball programs in the areas of overall program development and on court teaching and learnings.

We offer a range of flexible programs, from on going all year round program leaders through to shorter term periods such as 5-6 week block as part of the school curriculum or support leading up to and coaching in inter school Tournaments.

For our schools, we try to show a diverse range of training while maintaining focus on the development of each individual.

Our Transition Sports coaches show our programs a foundation to help and support and grow their understanding of the game and most importantly each player. We find it best to do this by –

  • Showing methods on how, why and when we implement drills
  • The explanation of the actual drill chosen
  • Explaining the importance of not just knowing the kids, but also try and understand them.
  • Teaching players to make confident instantaneous decisions (again – how, why and where), helping them to recognise opportunities, when to use the skills they have mastered during training and how to implement them in a game Teach athletes real time training
  • To understand the mythology of the terms empty and fill, read and react, technique mode vs result mode and understanding the word perception.
  • Understanding defensive principles
  • How to develop not only external skill sets, but also internal skill sets
  • Clearly outline the importance of commitment, respect and discipline.
  • Learn to acknowledge and encourage each player and make them aware that if critiques are given, they will be followed by a clear explanation and reinforcement that we believe in them.

Call Darren on 0417 567 225 to discuss how we can assist with your school’s basketball program.