Adaptive Teaching

Not all kids are the same and not all teams are the same. Our coaches are flexible and open to adapting their teaching methods to suit the capabilities and energy of different groups. We also get to know our players on an individual level, finding where there are gaps in knowledge, and tailoring our training to suit their learning style:

  • Visual learners: learn by seeing things mapped graphically
  • Kinetic learners: learn by touching and doing
  • Auditory learners: learn by listening and talking
  • Logical learners: learn by thinking and justifying

Life is never constant, and there are many other variables that our coaches need to adapt to. Some include:

  • Are players injured or fatigued?
  • Are players experiencing external pressures (exams, family/ relationship issues, work)?
  • Is it an extremely hot or cold day?
  • Is the team playing in a tournament soon? Are they anxious?

Our coaches are aware that a training session isn’t always long enough to master a certain skill and avoid over-structure in order to accommodate a player’s/ team’s progression.