Coaching Philosophy

Understanding the reasoning

Understanding ‘why’ is one of the core principles of the Transition Sports coaching philosophy. It’s important that every one of our players know the logic behind each action they take: that they don’t mindlessly complete drills for the sake of it, or blindly enact plays because the coach told them to. We want all Transitions Sports players to act with intention, whether they’re working to master a skill during training or creating on-court opportunities during a game.

Transition Sports coaches take much time and effort to ensure our players understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. We believe that armed with this knowledge and insight, players will make independent and assured decisions on game day.

Long term development

Developing players for the long-term is our priority, even at the expense of short-term loss. Our coaches take time to teach, develop and refine proper technique, no matter how long it takes to perfect, we don’t allow short cuts! Our players are taught not to expect instant results, but to know that with hard work and constant practice, the desired outcome will be achieved.

Technique driven training

Technique mode is when players concentrate on rhythm, style and how it feels to use a certain skill. As outlined above, our players are taught to be thorough and patient with their technique development before they can expect to progress to result mode.

Once in result mode, our coaches continue to work on a player’s technique to keep it consistent, forming these newly acquired skills into instinctive habits.

“Know your players as a team and individually. Find their strengths, weaknesses and personal goals. You can’t coach all players the same, each player may need to be treated differently.”