Team Dynamic

“Once you’re on a team with someone, you’re team mates for life”

Team mates

We believe that sport is one of the best ways to bring kids out of their shell and find a place of acceptance amongst their peers. No matter their social position in school or what happens between kids off court, on court they are a team who play for each other. We place much emphasis on team bonding with rituals such as the locking of arms before a game and encouraging ‘loud and proud’ verbal support between team members.

In a team sport like basketball, it pays to know the abilities of your fellow members. We encourage our players to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to fully realise their potential to create opportunities on court, as well as support each other’s growth in training.

“A team is only as good as its worst player”


We are committed to developing and growing each individual, which is why all Transition Sports players get time on court (much to the surprise of other coaches, parents and players!), whether they play for a whole match or 10 minutes. It is Darren’s philosophy that “you don’t develop sitting on the bench” and that each kid has something to bring to the team and the game.

On the flip side of this, we also teach that an individual’s actions affect a whole team, so if one player misbehaves, the whole team pays. This accountability is not enforced to alienate the offending player, but to emphasise the concept that the kids are playing for each other.