The Transition Difference

“Transition Sports’ offense lifts a player’s head and eyes, allowing them to see the whole court and all it’s options”

Transition offense

Our players are always prepared to be a part of the game: prepared to receive and pass, knowing when and where to move, with or without the ball. Our coaches work to ensure that all players have good court awareness and are always ‘on’ during a match so that they can make quick decisions that keep the ball moving at a fast pace.

“We teach a player to be creative and think outside the square. We don’t want players to be so structured in their movements and plays that they become robotic”

Creative control

NO ROBOTS is a core tenet of the Transition Sports philosophy. Our coaches train players to make independent decisions and to use their own creative instinct to spontaneously respond to on-court happenings.

Though Transition Sports coaches do outline plays and scenarios pre-game, our players are taught not to let these pre-formulated strategies control them. This unstructured, less rigid approach allows our kids to see a broader range of opportunities during a match.

Real-time decision-making is an important skill we endeavour to develop in our kids. It’s impossible to predict every variable in a match, and even if we could, we wouldn’t (for the reasons outlined above). Transition Sports players are taught to make confident, instantaneous decisions – learning how to recognise opportunities, when to use the skills they’ve mastered during training and how to implement them.

Our coaches also teach players to “create, not wait”. Because we don’t want our kids to be robots, and because we encourage quick movement of the ball, we discourage over-analysis and hesitation during a game. Transition Sports coaches trust the vision, instinct and quick decision making of their players.

“A wrong decision is better than an indecision”


At Transition Sports, we encourage kids to take risks, use their imagination and back themselves: to make a daring decision and learn from it rather than learn about something then make a slow or unconfident choice. Yes, sometimes moves will not always play out as planned, but we think a player with bold vision is preferable to a hesitant, mechanical one.

Every action with intention

A Transition Sports player has belief in every move they make. Coaches instill players with confidence and technical skill so that every shot is made with clear intention – there is no half-hearted ‘hoping’ that the ball will do what they want it to do.

Additionally, players are taught that every pass they make counts. They are trained to pass the ball knowing that their teammate will create another opportunity. Nothing is done for the sake of it!

“Don’t hope for it to happen, intend for it to happen”