The Transition Sports Approach

External skills sets

Though they are an important part of basketball, we feel that many coaches spend too much time working on external skills and game structures, with little regard for in-depth player understanding and independent thought.

When teaching external skill sets, Transition Sports ensures that all players fully understand the logic behind the drills they are completing and how to use the skills they are using on court. Our players also learn how to independently monitor and improve their technique in cases where coaches are not there to guide them.

Our players are taught to read the moment and react accordingly. We believe that an overemphasis on pre-planned offensive/defensive structures can lead players to lose confidence in their own decision-making ability. A reliance on over-structured strategies can mean that players wait for certain situations to occur instead of creating plays in their current circumstance.

Internal skill sets

We believe that players who have well-developed internal skill sets will be imaginative and create opportunities in the moment, which is why our coaches work to expand our kids’ decision-making ability, court awareness, creativity and teammate understanding.

We do this by allowing players to learn from their mistakes, encouraging risk-taking, teaching our kids to read the game and letting them make independent decisions.

Beyond the court

We strongly believe that the lessons kids learn on court will help them in their off-court lives: at school, in the workplace and in social settings.

Self belief

Our coaches provide players with encouragement and positive support to perform on-court, fuelling the self-belief that gives them the courage to do great things in life.

Self awareness

Transition Sports players are taught to observe, analyse, and fix any problems areas in their game giving them the self-awareness to independently monitor, progress and improve themselves and their circumstances.

Decision making

We believe that confidence is the most important thing to instil in our kids, and that if our players can make confident decisions oncourt, then they can make confident decisions in life.

Independent thinking

We discourage our kids from blindly following orders and encourage them to question, be imaginative and come to their own conclusions on the best outcome for themselves and the people around them.

Learning from mistakes

Knowing that mistakes are OK, and how to learn from them means our players aren’t afraid to walk their own self-assured path. We teach our kids to be bold, and that even if they fall flat on their face, taking a risk is preferable to never having tried at all.

Working with others

The exceptional teamwork our players show in training and during a match is applicable to any situation in the outside world where they will have to communicate and socialise with others.