Learning from mistakes

We encourage our players to take risks, use their imagination and back themselves: to make a daring decision and learn from it rather than learn about something then make a slow or unconfident choice. Yes, sometimes moves will not always play out as planned, but we think a player with bold vision is preferable to a hesitant, mechanical one.

Knowing that mistakes will happen, learning from them means our players aren't afraid to walk their own self assured path. We teach our kids a wrong decision is better than an indecision, and that if they fall flat on their face, taking a risk is preferable to never having tried at all.

Dealing with mistakes

If we are positive and encourage the player to take risks, use their imagination and back themselves, the player will respond in a positive way and learn from their mistake. But more importantly have the courage to take a risk and back themselves the next time.

Impact of influencers

The message a player receives from their mum, dad or any outside influence is the most influential message they will receive.

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