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Joshua Tang

Josh has been part of the TS journey since day 1 , 10 years ago as a player wanting growth in all aspects of the game on & off the court, then transitioned his learnings as a player into a coaching role within the team at Transition Sports.

His professionalism in the way he trains and manages his body & mind is second to none, he also ensures the members of TS learn to understand why such things are important... watching him grow into the person he is today has been nothing but a pure joy to be apart of


Why I want to be apart of TS?


When presented this question I begun to reflect, with the opportunity to relive the last decade of Transition Sports impacting lives of the young and old both mentally and physically.


I came in a kid who wanted to get better but struggled mentally. With the guidance and mentorship of the coaches, environment, fellow athletes struggles became strengths and strengths were strengthened.


My thrive to get better, the development physically and mentally presented opportunities to give back to the Transition Sports family that helped me get me where I am.

Being apart of the TS family for a decade now it’s a fantastic opportunity to continue learning to enhance my development in and off the court.


To be able to give back to the Transition Sports family is a honour, to engage the athletes on a athlete to athlete scenario enables a deeper connection allowing the next generation to learn off my experiences and enhance ones own growth.


TS is one huge family, the environment they create and the development we see in the new and existing athletes is second to none. Using basketball as a tool to develop everyday life skills both mentally and physically.

Playing History:

2011: Won u/14 state championship with Altona & Played in club nationals u/14 in Brisbane with Altona

2014: Played youth league men at Melbourne Tigers

2015: Won u/18 state championship with Melbourne Tigers ( MVP in the state championship final) & Represented Victoria at national championships ( 3 years in the NITP Victorian training program)

2016: Played Youth League men for Werribee Devils

2017: Played Championship men for Hume Broncos

2018: Played Championship men for Hume Broncos

2019: Played NBL 1 for Geelong Supercats

2020: Currently with Keilor Thunder Championship men's

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