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Developing Culture, Growth,
Belief and Trust

As a player,

As a Player, I play the game for enjoyment, development and most importantly to learn and be apart of team culture. As a player, I will respect my teammates, my coach and the game itself. As a player, I will learn and understand participation and development, learn the true meaning of goals, outcomes and the understanding of progression through personal and team development. I will bring belief within myself and my teammates, devote my time to supporting and understanding my teammates, and most importantly enjoy what we do, how we do it, TOGETHER.


As a coach,

As a Coach, I should help players learn to define themselves as individuals and as  teammates, to understand each others strengths and weaknesses, create a belief in themselves, one another and understand the true meaning of team. Create a culture that they will standby and commit to and most importantly discover how success and development can be measured in so many different ways. As a coach I should understand their role and influence, guide nurture and develop in such a way, that it builds players up and encourages them so they can duplicate this attitude not only to themselves but also their teammates. Most importantly, as a coach I should inspire each member to achieve and understand that success only comes from devoting your time and effort to support each other and create an environment and culture that instils the motto.

“If they can’t learn the way  we teach, we shall teach the way they learn”


As a parent,

As a Parent, I want to support, encourage and help my child to become the best they can be within the sport they choose. As a parent, I fully understand that my child’s dream, is not my dream. As a parent, I know that I’m not the coach, not a player and not a club representative, I’m just a parent. As a parent, I fully understand the impact of negative behaviour, pressure to perform and how that could impact not just my child, but also other players, the coach and the club.


As a Committee member,

As a Committee member, the game is not about me, it’s about the kids. We want to provide a positive and safe environment and encourage the kids to enjoy the game, learn about the game and learn about themselves. We want them to develop an understanding of the value of being part of a team and working for a team. We want to identify and create a developmental platform, that engages a personalised learning approach that follows the Motto: “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we shall teach the way they learn”, Which in turn should support devoting time and effort to each other by building respectful relationships and collaborating to achieve growth for all members within a team and club environment. The game is way more than just about “X & O ‘s “ it is about developing an individual, creating a culture, exposing people to opportunities, inspiring and encouraging people to strive to be better, motivating people to stimulate a dream or vision not just for themselves but also for others, and most importantly, a positive outlet and environment for people to enjoy away from the stress, pressure and commitments of everyday life.


Research Study

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