Player Development

Remainder Term 2 training

We have now created a schedule that allows you to commit to our training sessions for the remainder of Term 2 .

If you would like to join our remainder of term 2 training sessions

just click on the link below.


If you are unable to commit for the whole term, please reach out to Darren or 0417567225 and he will help you organise training possibilities within the schedule.

We are here to help EVERYONE.


Values we teach

  • Confidence

  • Perception

  • Differences

  • Inclusion

  • Decision making

  • Camaraderie

  • Learning from actions

  • Spontaneity

  • Life lessons

What do we want to know?

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Motivation

  • Experiences 

What will we create?

  • Able to create not wait

  • Encouraged not discouraged

  • Able to think outside the square

  • Able to play


On court coaching principles 

  • Ball control

  • Shooting technique

  • Passing

  • Defence

  • Decision making

  • Creative control

  • Self Belief

  • How? Why? When?


“A wrong decision is better than indecision” 

Coach Workshops

Coaching Fundamentals

1. Transition Sports Philosophy

2. Know your players 

- Knowing yourself as a coach

- Positive and Negative coaching

3. Communication

- How do we communicate?

- Learning Styles 

- Coaching styles

4. Positive and Negative Impacts 

- How do we communicate?

- Learning styles

- Coaching styles

Coaching in Practise

5. Role of a coach

6. On court Coaching Principles

7. External and Internal Skill Sets

8. Technique Driven vs Result Driven 

9. Choosing the right drill

10. Developing a coaching philosophy