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Cameron Hutton

We truly admire Cameron’s leadership qualities both on and off the court, and even more impressive is how he is able to inspire & bring out the best of his team and also each individual within the team.

Here is what Cameron had to say about joining the TS family:

The hard part about answering this question is that there are so many reasons I want to be part of the TS family. The culture created within the various programs is second to none and the community of like minded people that has grown over the years is exceptional. But for me I believe their understanding that there is more to basketball (and sport as a whole) than just an on court skill set is an incredibly forgotten part of the basketball landscape these days.


Growing up I have had the privilege of playing basketball with some of the best athletes in the country and I’ve seen how external influences, expectation and politics within sport have shaped their paths. Multiple athletes that I played with or against have forged great college careers, made it the NBL/WNBL or even crossed codes into the world of AFL/AFLW. Some of those athletes even did both.


I’ve also seen the ones that were what many would call ‘wasted talent’. Guys and girls who grew up with more potential and raw ability than the ones who made it.


Athletes who in the right environment would have thrived and produced remarkable careers. But those athletes turned their back on that or were driven away by the constant negativity that surrounds kids sport today. Their parents, coaches and peers telling them they weren’t good enough or that they were lacking in this or that.


Sometimes it had nothing to do with the sport and everything to do with other areas of their life. People had so much other stuff to deal with that the sport they once loved became a chore. It was burden and they began to resent it. And that is a very quick downward spiral.


Sport should be a happy place, an outlet, and something that brings the best out of young athletes.


Don’t get me wrong I HATE losing. I am for winning and I am for competing and sometimes people need a kick up the butt to perform at their best. But there is a certain type of relationship and a place for that criticism to come and all to often it’s delivered by the wrong people at the wrong time and break kids apart.


Transition sports understands all of this. They understand that there is so much more to sport than physical capacity and skill set. That mental well-being and social environment are equal if not more important than those physical attributes. I want to push that message and help grow that trend to help athletes understand what’s holding them back and how to deal with their journey ON and OFF the court to create the best version of themselves.

Playing History :

2010: Won u/14 state championship, national junior classic & national club championships with Melbourne Tigers

2012: Won u/16 state championship & national junior classic with Melbourne Tigers Member of Victorian metro squad & 3 years in the NITP Victorian training program

2015: Captain of the Werribee youth league

2016: Captain of the Werribee youth league team

2018: Captain of the Keilor youth league team

2019: Captain of the Keilor youth league team

2020: Currently with Kelior men/youth league

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