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Darren Hindle

My Purpose:
"I want to engage with people who need a sense of belonging and self - worth within the sport they love and life itself. Striving to give them hope that their future can be bright and most importantly meaningful."

Founder of Transition Sports.

In 2010, while dealing with PTSD , feeling both mentally & physically exhausted, and had lost direction in what he was doing, I needed to find something that re- engaged myself into the world of living.. I needed change , I needed focus and I had to find something that would both mentally and emotionally stimulate me to create something that would help me make a difference and bring worth into who I am and what I stood for.

I found coaching kids was a healing platform for myself, I truly loved helping people become a better version of themselves which in turn brought out the best in me. So a crazy idea turned in reality, Transition Sports was created...It has been a tough journey financially, emotionally, and physically, but I look back at all that has been achieved from walking into a empty warehouse in August 2010 and building a basketball court and think WOW what an amazing experience.

I love the TS family , I love what we have created, and most importantly I just love the impact we have on people...we love to see them smile , have hope and have the courage to believe in themselves.. Its not for the love of the game in why I do what I do, its for the love of the people and how we as a team can make a difference.

I strive to make a difference and help create a better version of one’s self by guiding and nurturing them through diverse programs that builds them up and encourages them to duplicate this not just for themselves, but also others. I wanted to create a trust and belief that anything is possible, create a growth in confidence that will give them passion to find hope to keep moving forward, and most importantly create a cultural family environment that makes them feel safe and find courage to continue their journey of possibilities.

To know more about Darren’s story, click on the link below.

Coaching History Over 25 years domestic coaching experience and over 10 years coaching VJBL at various age groups & levels

2011: VJBL highlight was winning u14 state championship with Altona Gators and taking the team to Nationals, which was the first time in history for the club. Award - Club coach of the year

2012: Head coach of Altona youth league men & u16.1 VC boys head coach

2013: Assistant of Werribee women

2014: Head coach of Werribee youth league women & u14.1 VC girls head coach

2015: year off to develop Transition Sports

2016: Head coach of Werribee youth league men & u18.1 girls head coach School Programs: Head coach of Westbourne Grammar Award - Big V youth league 1 men- Coach of The Year ( 2014- current)

2017: Head coach of Werribee youth league men Head coach of Williamstown high Developed the Werribee u14.3 girls (2012-current)

2018: Head coach of Geelong youth league men Award - Club coach of the year

2019: Head coach of Geelong youth league men Developed the Geelong u16.2 girls

2020: year off

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