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Coach Workshops

Coaching Fundamentals

1. Transition Sports Philosophy

2. Know your players 

- Knowing yourself as a coach

- Positive and Negative coaching

3. Communication

- How do we communicate?

- Learning Styles 

- Coaching styles

4. Positive and Negative Impacts 

- How do we communicate?

- Learning styles

- Coaching styles

Coaching in Practise

5. Role of a coach

6. On court Coaching Principles

7. External and Internal Skill Sets

8. Technique Driven vs Result Driven 

9. Choosing the right drill

10. Developing a coaching philosophy 

As a Coach, I should help players learn to define themselves as individuals and as a teammates, to understand each others strengths and weaknesses, create a belief in themselves and one another and understand the true meaning of team, create a culture that they will standby and commit to and most importantly discover how success and development can be measured in so many different ways. As a coach I should understand their role and influence, guide nurture and develop in such a way, that it builds players up and encourages them so they can duplicate this attitude not only to themselves but also their teammates. Most importantly, as a coach I should inspire each member to achieve and understand that success only comes from devoting your time and effort to support each other and create an environment and culture that instils the motto.

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