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Tim Devlin

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Tim joined the Transition Sports team in 2015.

He had a extensive playing junior career in the Geelong region and has a vast coaching resume in both juniors & seniors, but he truly is well known for his analytical & strategic approach to the game.

Why did Tim want to join the team?

The answer is real easy for me its family, when I first started at TS in 2015, I started out with a couple of sessions here and there just to see how I was going to go ,and the one thing that stood out to me most about TS was how comfortable everyone was within the environment, which allows everyone to be the best possible version of themselves this is not just for the players but also for me a coach.


The development platform that Transition Sports provides builds more than just putting a ball through a hoop, “we will add value to your development” “we will challenge you to be better than you were yesterday” “we will inspire you to believe that it is possible to achieve” “we will highlight your existence of who you are and what you represent” “we will ensure you will not do it alone”.


While this is spot on for the kids that come through our doors, it also has helped me, not just as a coach but as a person and that’s why I want to be part of the TS team, I want to be better a person while trying to have a positive impact on everyone that I work with.


Coaching History:

8 years in the junior program at Corio Bay

3 years in the senior program at Corio Bay x1 Assistant coach championship men x2 Head coach of youth league women 2017: Assistant coach of Werribee women

2018: Head coach of Hume Broncos youth women Assistant coach of Hume Broncos championship women

2019 & 2020: Head coach of Hume Broncos youth women & u18.1 girls Assistant coach of Hume Broncos championship women

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